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Our lab network was designed from the ground up to provide life science entrepreneurs with everything their company needs to succeed. This network covers many of the leading biotech ecosystems in the US, with a concentration in the two dominant biotech geographies: the San Francisco Bay Area and Boston/Cambridge.

We can accommodate everything from the smallest company with a single lab bench all the way to teams with upwards of 30 employees. This offering of flexible lab space with top-of-the-line equipment allows entrepreneurs to streamline their infrastructure, focus on their science, and bring their novel treatments one step closer to patients.        

Shared Labs
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Boston / Cambridge


Cambridge, MA

San Francisco Bay Area

MBC Biolabs 953

San Francisco, CA

MBC Biolabs 733

San Carlos, CA

MBC Biolabs 930

San Carlos, CA

Additional Geographies

BioLabs Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

BioLabs@NYU Langone

New York, NY

BioLabs at the Lundquist

Los Angeles, CA

BioLabs San Diego

San Diego, CA

BioLabs New Haven

New Haven, CT

BioLabs Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

News from Our Network

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New from @IgniteLC: the announcement of not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR Ignite Golden Tickets in partnership with @pfizer @bmsnews and @MissionBioCap. The tickets will award one year of lab space and advisory support to biotech founders from diverse backgrounds.

@IgniteLC Launches Second Annual Golden Ticket Contest!

This year, 4 Ignite Golden Tickets are being awarded, 2 to companies with women founders and 2 to companies with founders of color.

A piece of good news for you #biotech tweeps.

The sky is not falling.

#Science continues and we see ongoing strong founder activity. One great indicator is the # of new applications for space received at @labcentral:

2022 is behind 2021 but trending above all past years.