Mission BioCapital Platinum Program 2022

Lab space, seed capital, networking and advice: everything you need to launch your company!

Here at Mission BioCapital, we love working with entrepreneurs like you. We and our partner life science incubators are constantly developing new ways to provide a launchpad for world-changing science.

As biotech entrepreneurs, you have unique needs: lab space fitted with state-of-the-art research equipment, professional support staff that can manage everything from EH&S training to proper handling of biohazard waste, office space for meetings with your team and potential investors, and a vibrant, collaborative space to share ideas and expertise with other exciting life science companies.

Through Golden Tickets, our partner incubators have provided biotech entrepreneurs with sponsored lab space to start and grow their companies. Now, we’re joining forces to fill the other critical need for launching your company, seed capital.

Introducing the Platinum Program, a paid 6-month incubation at our partner labs AND seed capital to fund those critical early experiments. Our inaugural 2022 Platinum Program has up to 4 spots available in our partner incubators in the San Francisco Bay Area AND up to $1M available in seed funding.

Your Platinum Ticket includes:
Our Platinum Program was designed to include everything you need to launch your company!

Interested in applying? Fill out the short application below. Deadline to apply is June 30th, 2022. Applicants will be notified of decisions in September.

Have questions about the Platinum Program and/or want to learn more about Mission BioCapital? Email platinumprogram@missionbiocapital.com.

Platinum Program application form

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PPA Form


If you have yet to incorporate a company, that’s OK! Our Platinum Program was designed to help you launch your company. Would you like help with that?


Mission BioCapital strongly encourages under-represented founders to apply. If you identify as under-represented in the biotech industry please self-identify here*: (check boxes of the below)

*While we know that checking boxes can never fully capture the complexity of your identity, the above options are included because they have been identified in peer-reviewed literature and reports as identities and demographic that are measurably under-represented in the biotech industry. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. There are many other identities and demographics that are not widely discussed as under-represented, but we believe are important to support.


Non-confidential Presentation

Please upload a non-confidential presentation (10 slide maximum) that addresses the following points: *

  • Clinical unmet need and addressable patient population
  • Competitive advantage over current state of the art
  • Proprietary aspect(s) & current state of any IP
  • Regulatory and reimbursement plans
  • Strongest data-to-date
  • Use of proceeds from the Platinum ticket
  • Team (management, BoD, scientific advisory board)
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
Select file from your computer. PDF format only. Size: up to 10 pages/slides.


News from Our Network

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New from @IgniteLC: the announcement of not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR Ignite Golden Tickets in partnership with @pfizer @bmsnews and @MissionBioCap. The tickets will award one year of lab space and advisory support to biotech founders from diverse backgrounds. https://twitter.com/labcentral/status/1539297380171907076

@IgniteLC Launches Second Annual Golden Ticket Contest! https://prn.to/3xJrZtF

This year, 4 Ignite Golden Tickets are being awarded, 2 to companies with women founders and 2 to companies with founders of color.

A piece of good news for you #biotech tweeps.

The sky is not falling.

#Science continues and we see ongoing strong founder activity. One great indicator is the # of new applications for space received at @labcentral:

2022 is behind 2021 but trending above all past years.